Farming and forestry

Farming and forestry

Farstorps Gård

Farstorp gård is a part of MP bolagen. The farm is situated 20 km east of Vetlanda and is today a highly efficient farm with a well planned forest. The
agriculture is specialized in milk- and meat production.

The farm has a total area of 500 hectares. Livestock includes 200 cattle, of which 95 are dairy cows. The milk production per cow exceeds 8.000 kilograms per year. The cattle-shed has a modern feeding set-up for ensilage and hay and a computerized feeding unit. A modern engineering workshop and machine hall make it possible for four men to run the operation.

The forest comprises both deciduous and coniferous trees where oak and spruce are given priority. The road network is well developed and there are many experimental areas on the property.

Falsterbo Bruk

Falsterbo Bruk, located close to Ankarsrum in Västervik, is an area of forest that is modern and efficiently run but managed according to the laws of nature.
The vegetation is varied but includes a lot of oak. Our aim is to increase the proportion of hardwood forest.