Bagge is one of the latest and most sophisticated of the four vessels. It was fitted out at a shipyard in Swinouscjie. Poland, in 2002.

Bagge has twin ramps (6.35 metres wide) on the starboard side and one forward ramp on the port side, wich simplify the unloading of limestone and crushed stone in ports where caterpillar-track loaders are used onboard. Front loaders can also go aboard on this side. Bagge has a cargo capacity of a full 6 085 tonnes.

Picture - View over Bagge

Year built  1986
Maximum lenght   84 m 
Maximum beam     22,60 m
Side wall height     starboard  3,40 m 
                             port  7,60 m
Decka area  1600 m² 
Ramps                starboard  2 pcs 
Axel load             deck  65 tonnes 
                               ramp   65 tonnes 
Draught (at max cargo)   4,90 m 
Gross registered weight  2824 tonnes 
Net registered weight    847 tonnes
Deadweight    6640 tonnes
Cargo capacity     
Pulp wood    10500 m³
Wood ships    16000 m³
Limestone/cruched stone    6400 tonnes