Bongo is a new built ship and is now the biggest of the four vessels. It was fitted out at a shipyard in Swinouscjie. Poland, in 2007-2008.

Year built 2007-2008  
Maximum lenght   98,25 m 
Maximum beam     22,53 m
Side wall height     starboard  3,32 m 
                             port  7,60 m
Decka area  1900 m² 
Ramps                starboard  2 pcs 
                              port  1 pcs
Axel load             deck  50 tonnes 
                               ramp   50 tonnes 
Draught (at max cargo)   4,89 m 
Gross registered weight  3620 tonnes 
Nettoregisterton    1086 tonnes
Deadweight    8058,9 tonnes
Cargo capacity     
Pulp wood    6550 m³
Wood ships    8600 m³
Limestone/cruched stone    7800 tonnes